TCS® Pressure-Step-Method (PS)

The Pressure-Step-Method is the reliable and state-of-the-art leak detection procedure. The pipeline is segmented into reliably tight sections and pressurized at two different pressure levels. The volume of each section limits the test accuracy. The change of pressure is recorded. Detection of leakage is based on the fact, that higher pressure results in a higher leak rate. Since the leak rate depends on test pressure, influence of temperature changes can be compensated.

Typical testing frequency: Daily / Weekly testing
Accuracy: 0,004 %/h/m3 section volume

TCS® Pressure-Temperature-Method (PT)

The test section is pressurized. The changes of pressure and temperature during several hours provide evidence about the tightness of the system.

Typical testing frequency: Yearly testing
Accuracy: 4 liter/h per section

TCS® on-line monitoring

The online monitoring system is based on the simulation model permanently running for real-time analysis and comparison of hydraulic data collected from the hydrant system. In case of deviation, the system will be able to locate and quantify the leak.

TCS® Warranty

hansaconsult warrants that the TCS® (PS and PT methods) shall be capable of detecting leakages in buried pipelines – which are absolutely free of air and absolutely tightly closed at the moment in time at which the leakage detection operations commence – with a detection accuracy of 0.04 liters per hour and per cubic meter test volume and with a detection probability of 99% in conjunction with four consecutive measurements if measurements can be received every 2 seconds during the measurement cycles