Automation Design for a safe and efficient operating tank farm

Competent design ensures economic and energy saving systems in full compliance to international approved standards and local regulation. Safety in a hazardous environment is the focus of our solutions.


Redundant solutions ensure high availability and uninterrupted control in critical airport operations. Examples to support your Airport Fuel Farm and Fuel Hydrant System:

  • Emergency Fuel Shut-Off system (EFSO)

  • Leak detection system for the fuel hydrant system / Tightness Control System incl DBBV

  • SCADA System including related equipment and fuel facility specific software

  • The redundant, fail safe and hot standby PLC control system including equipment and fuel facility specific software

  • Explosion proof remote I/O panels

High Availability

Robust Control Systems are designed for aviation fuel facilities and loved by the operators for a userfriendly clear structure.

An intelligent Automation protects plant and equipment and reduces the workload of the operator.

Site specific requirements are embedded in a standardized control environment.

hansaconsult Control Solutions support your normal day-to-day operations and a reliable handling of emergency situations.

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Design Over The Facility‘s Life Cycle

Solutions To Meet Your Targets