In its mobile application, the TCS® system is mounted on a trailer and is fully self-contained. An independent power supply (diesel driven generator set with a spark arrestor on the exhaust) is provided on board. The test is fully automated while a skid mounted pump and valves are controlled by the TCS® computer.

The system includes

  • Product Tank

  • Product Pumps

  • Valves

  • Measuring Devices

  • Product Tank

  • Hose for connection to the test points inside the valve chambers

Data from the test is recorded on the TCS® Computer and on removable data storage media for subsequent analysis and archiving. A report is generated upon test completion, providing detailed results and an easy-to-read indication of the leak/no leak status.


The TCS® procedure is most user-friendly:

  • The Trailer Operator connects the TCS® hose and the earth cable.

  • The trailer operator starts the TCS test using the TCS® computer. Once initiated, the test runs automated without any manual intervention. Only operator supervision is required.

  • Once the test is complete, the Trailer Operator uncouples the TCS® hose and earth cable.

  • Subsequent sections can be tested according to this procedure.