TCS® System installation

  • Pressure transmitters: one for each pipeline section

  • Precision data acquisition with hansaconsult high performance AD Converter and transmission system;

  • Means for pressurization and depressurization of each pipeline section to create required test pressures (main pump, jockey pump);

  • SCADA system for automatic control of the hydrant system. It is recommended that the SCADA system provide an OPC interface (OLE for Process Control) for communication;

  • Computer and peripheral equipment for evaluation and documentation of test results;

  • Tight closing valves (e.g. DBBV).

OPC to standardize data communication

TCS® is built on Windows Technology and features an OPC-interface. OPC stands for “ole for process controls” and is an open interface standard. OPC allows a standardized data exchange of applications and field instruments with an easy integration of hard- and software products of different suppliers.

TCS® Flexible Testing

  • All sections can be tested in one analysis cycle: 45 minutes plus closure time of valves

  • Single or multiple sections can be be selected and tested in one test cycle.

Quoting the Operator

Let me congratulate you and your team to the very successfil commissioning of hansa system. All local reports of the operators have been very good. They are all very impressed how you delivered the project. Just good to show, with proper planning, stakeholder engagement and the right attitude, projects can be delivered very successful.