The final configuration and the overall concept including the equipment and the scope of the system determine the investment. The local cooperation approach with knowledgeable partners is preferred by many of our clients to retain the full cost control and to simplify contractual matters, warranty /liability issues etc.

  • Engineering of the Control System, including selection of all suitable components and all documents required for procurement and installation.

  • Programming and integration of the Control System and all subsystems, such as pump control, tank farm automation, pipeline receiving, tank gauging, commercial inventory systems, etc.

  • Providing Tightness Control System (TCS®) software, programming and integration into the Control System as well as the TCS®-specific hardware (to be located within the valve chambers).

  • Providing control system cabinets to be located in technical rooms at the Fuel Depot and at the Receiving Station and containing the PLC subsystem, providing operator workstations.

  • FAT and SAT, supervision, commissioning, training.
  • Leak tests, certification and acceptancevision, commissioning, training.
  • After sales service and maintenance.

As world wide leader in the tightness control discipline and excellent reputation in engineering, documentation, programming and integration of automation systems for aviation fuelling facilities, we would suggest following items to be provided by hansaconsult:

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