The Logical Model of the Fuel Depots are efficiently modeled into a full 3D Design layout, where suitability and fit can all be tested in a virtual world.

The Engineering work & Hydraulic Analysis are translated to Smart Data into the Piping and Instrumentation diagram (P&ID), all components are smart and contains all the design parameters such as size, flow rate, medium, Pressure & Temperature ratings and standards, each component has a specific Tag no. that allow easier identification, the P&ID is then translated to a 3D Model where all components are connected and inherit the same properties.

The 3D Model allow easier communication with all the project stakeholder by providing clear picture on the overall plant, it also facilitate the coordination with other projects designer/consultant for different disciplines.

An extensive catalogue of predefined parametric components and object that shape our rich libraries that has been developed along 40 years is positioned within the model and then automatically checked for clashes and Integrity using configurable rules, the end result is a more Accurate, better quality design that helps avoid costly changes.

The components that are placed are the actual component specified and pre-determined with the client, it identically match the supplier dimensional and design data.

Higher quality design. the ability to perform multiple design checks across the entire design eliminates errors, and enables ‘right-first-time’ engineering.

Accurate materials information eliminates overordering and delays on site due to lack of required materials or information.

Clash checking and integrity checking ensure higher quality designs and less rework. Database driven drawing production achieves consistency between drawings, reports and design data base. Changes made in the Model is automatically reflected on the drawings and the bill of material.

Reduced site work, concurrent multi-location engineering, higher design efficiency and higher quality all combine to reduce schedule time. The ability to react quickly to major project changes is a key parameter in minimizing the project schedule.

Design Over The Facility‘s Life Cycle

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