Unfortunately we are forced to inform you that we got knowledge that there is a company registered in Dubai that operates under the name of “hansaconsult projects DWC LLC”.

This company is not known to us. We have neither agreed to use our name hansaconsult nor our logo. We will use all legal means at our disposal to prohibit doing business under our name and with our logo.

hansaconsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has no relationship with this company. It does not belong to the group of companies which you may perceive as “Hansa”. None of our employees well known to you from project works is in any relationship with “hansaconsult projects DWC LLC” nor working for this company.

We regret the irritations that may have arisen. If you have any questions about project work, please contact our staff. To avoid misunderstandings, we would like to inform you that they can only be reached at the email addresses name@hansaconsult.com.

If you are in a doubt please contact us at press@hansaconsult.com