4-6 December 2013 an international round table met in Kiev to discuss contemporary requirements resulting from Directive ICAO 9977/AN 489 “Guide for the supply of jet fuel for civil aviation” and rules of supply of aviation fuel to airlines with standards of quality control.

The event was organized by UkrNDNC, the Ukrainian Scientific-Research and Training Center for Chemmotology and Certification of Lubricants and Industrial Fluids, Department of Ecology IEB with the support of “Airports of Ukraine ” and the Association Chemmotology.

The summit was attended by representatives of the ministry of transport of Ukraine, State Enterprise Boryspil, Kiev Zhulyiani Int Airport, Lviv Int Airport, Donetsk Prokofyeva Airport, Int Airport Odessa, Int Airport Simferopol, Int Airport Kharkiv, Central Flying Club OSOU Antonov, Motor Sich JSC, International Krebo LLC, Kremenchug Flight College, 10th Himmotolohichnoho Center, Ukraine Int Airines (MAU), Aviatech LLC, Jet Energy LLC, ResursEkspo NPKF LLC (Ukraine), HC hansaconsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (Germany), Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Rus (Russia ), Baltic Ground Services (Estonia), Helmkoyl Group A. (Lithuania ), SENASA Observatory of Sustainability in Aviation (Spain).
V. Kharchenko, Vice-Rector for Research, welcomed the participants of the meeting. During the congress aviation relevant committees held their meetings including the Committee for aviation fuel supply, the Committee for environmental security of the association “Airports of Ukraine” and the Technical Committee of Standardization TC 26 of aircraft. The participants unanimously emphasized the need for regulatory support to achieve environmental safety in accordance with modern requirements of aviation fuel supply.